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Repels Flies, Ticks, Mosquitoes, & Gnats

NEIGH works by repelling harmful biting and disease-causing insects to provide your horse with hours of relief. Our natural fly repellent spray stops mosquitoes, horse flies, stable flies, ticks, and gnats from bothering your horse.


Made in the USA, NEIGH is free from permethrin, pyrethroids, pyrethrins, and DEET. We also avoid using artificial colors or additives. The fly repellent contains natural geraniol, peppermint oil, citronella oil, Vitamin E, and Quillaja saponin (soap bark) to provide your horse a safe and effective product.

Safe for
Horse & Home

When used as directed, our natural fly repellent is non-toxic and safe for horses, dogs, and home. We formulate and evaluate our products with this simple notion: “If we do not feel comfortable using a product or ingredient on ourselves, then we do not want to use it on our horses.”

“I tried the fly spray in Florida and loved it. It was effective and yet gentle on sensitive skinned horses. Of all the products I have tried over the years, This fly spray does the best job keeping the bugs away! Plus it smells delicious!!!”
Mica Mabragaña
Owner, Malena Dressage LLC
USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist
“I have been waiting a long time for an all-natural, pesticide-free, Equine fly spray that actually works to hit the market. I am so excited that NEIGH Fly Spray has arrived! I first got to use it down in Florida, and the bugs are FIERCE in Florida! It smells great - no nasty chemical smell, no stinky residue on the coat of your horse, I could even gently spray it on their faces without a bad reaction. I have even used it on myself, as it is the only Equine fly spray I have used that does not say “for animal use only”. If I can’t spray it on myself, why would I want to spray it on my animals? NEIGH is a well thought out, environmentally conscious product, that both my horses, and myself, love!”
Rhianna Pankhurst
Owner, Seabreeze Equestrian
“When the flies hit full force in Southern Florida this fly spray gave my sensitive horse a break from all the pestering. I love how it smells and especially how it is not harmful for him in anyway. I plan to stock up for our three horses!”
Tonya LaTorre
“Thanks again for your wonderful product! I am fixing to order more!”
“Here is a pic of Neferhotep and I after a dressage class win. You can see that "neigh" hangs by his stall :). Louisiana is hot and humid these days. There has been been a lot of rain and bugs are out in full force. Glad to have "neigh" on board to manage the bugs. Now we can get in the show ring and concentrate on us!”
:) Gretchen
“I just want to say I've tried many fly sprays and this is the one that works so thank you.”
“I love the smell of this stuff!! the gnats and flies at my barn get BAD but this product really seems to help. i spray it head to tail on my boy and sometimes myself. his coat looks great and doesn't leave a greasy residue like some other brands I've tried. Tried my first bottle at the WEGs in 2018 and have loved it since”
Christina Renee
“Seems to work well and my mare likes it.”
Kathleen G.
“Great Product and really works!!! My horse doesn't mind being sprayed with this product and used to fight me with other products.”
Judith C.
“Best natural fly spray I have tried many natural fly spray options for my mare who is allergic to most insects and has very sensitive skin. When I spray her with Neigh not only do the flies stay away but her coat looks shiny and healthy too.”
Kerstyn C.
“Love Neigh!!!! Neigh works GREAT. I love that when my daughter is spraying her pony I don't worry about her inhaling toxins. Happy girl, happy pony, happy mom.”
Alyson P.
“Great Product!”
Allison A.
“I bought this bottle from the booth at the World Equestrian Games, in Tryon, NC last year! This is amazing stuff! I used it on yellow jacket nests, fire ants, and waterbugs! Gets rid of them! I had several yellow jacket nests around the house and went out in the early morning and sprayed them with Neigh and they're gone! I use it on my dog and cat also! No fleas! Definitely worth the money! 5 Stars”
Bill A.


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At Neigh we understand the frustration you feel when using horse fly repellents that either do not work or contain unnatural, harmful, and toxic pesticides. We believe that the welfare of our horses should ALWAYS be our primary concern.

When you purchase Neigh Natural Fly Repellent Spray, you are investing in a product that is formulated with our strict standards. We use only high quality peppermint and citronella essential oils. In addition, we not only use higher concentrations of geraniol than our competitors, but we use naturally derived geraniol, not synthetic. While this costs us double the price of synthetic geraniol used by our competitors, we offer our product at a competitive price because we believe your horse should receive the most effective chemical-free fly repellent that a natural fly spray can offer.

Avoid purchasing fly repellents that contain mostly water and harmful pesticides or synthetic forms of geraniol. Offer your horse the best with NEIGH and Gallop Green. Because when you are striving to be the best, you need a repellent that outperforms the competition.

Our Founder and CEO

Christina Varrasso is the founder and CEO of NEIGH. Her passion for horses as competition partners and as pets inspired her to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals to develop and manufacture her natural products that hold true to her vision of providing every horse with natural and effective products. As a horse lover, Christina has a passion for dressage and competes as an adult amateur rider. She and her Oldenburg gelding For Finland AKA “Finny”, train and compete in the northeast as well as in Wellington, Florida.

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